Confidence - (23-24.05 2012 Krakow)
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New edition – May, 28-29th, 2013

Check out the subpage for the 2013 edition!

Preparations for CONFidence 2013 have begun!


We have commenced the preparations for the next edition of CONFidence conference. It is scheduled to be held on May, 28-29, traditionally in Krakow.

Defore December 20th, we will refresh the webpage and open both Call for Papers and early registration.

29C3 – Not my department – CONFidence Road Trip!



We have 3 seats in a car going from Krakow to Hamburg for the 29C3 if you are interested contact us!

Hacktivity conference on October 12-13, 2012


We would like to invite everyone for Hacktivity – the largest IT Security Festival in Central and Eastern Europe. This year’s edition will be held on October 12-13, 2012.

Real festival mood, presentations, workshops, games, hardware hacking, lockpicking, big Friday party and 1000+ hackers from all over the world!

… Who are the keynotes?

  • Jeff Bardin – So You Want to Be a Cyber Spook – Open Source Intelligence
  • Sir David Pepper – Cyberspace and Beyond – Evolution in Action
  • Shakeel Tufail – Software Threat Modeling
  • …and Who else will be there?

  • Zoltán Balázs / Hungary — Zombie Browsers
  • Alexander Poljakov / Russia — Top 10 SAP vulnerabilities and attacks
  • Joe McCray / USA — The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments
  • András Kabai / Hungary — Hunting and exploiting bugs in kernel drivers
  • Alexander Kornbrust / Germany — Self Defending Database
  • Vivek Ramachandran / India — Malicious Wi-Fi Routers for Fun and Profit
  • Miroslav Stampar / Croatia — Spot the Web Vulnerability
  • Boldizsár Bencsáth / Hungary — Duqu, Flame, Gauss malware analysis experiences
  • Shay Chen / Israel — Diviner the new OWASP ZAP extension
  • …And what else?!

    Paypass vulnerabilities, “Chip-tweet”, alternative usage of PKI devices, HSRP insecurities, USB=Universal Security Bug, Alternative Internet, Browser based attacks, Android security, iOS security, Digipass Instrumentation, NAT attack, Security Code Review, Geek Girls, Tracing mobile phones, Lockpicking 2.0, Elite Social networks crooks, AV insecurities.

    …And discounts?

    Contact slawomir.jabs{@} for a discount.

    …More info?

    Hacktivity registration can be found:

    Bezpieczeństwo IT technicznie i biznesowo – nowa konferencja Cisco Secure 2012

    Cisco Secure

    Serdecznie zapraszamy na nową, wyjątkową konferencję Cisco, która w całości będzie poświęcona kwestiom bezpieczeństwa sieciowego! Nasz Fundacja została partnerem organizacyjnym tego eventu.

    Konferencja Cisco Secure to dwa dni pełne pasjonujących wykładów podzielonych na dwie równoległe ścieżki – techniczną i biznesową.

    Eksperci z Cisco opowiedzą o najważniejszych, najbardziej ciekawych i najaktualniejszych rozwiązaniach i zagadnieniach z zakresu szeroko pojętego bezpieczeństwa IT. To także spora dawka profesjonalnych prezentacji, pokazów i dem.

    Cisco Secure to niepowtarzalna okazja nie tylko do zdobycia praktycznej wiedzy, ale także nawiązania nowych kontaktów biznesowych! Cisco Secure ma już pierwszych Partnerów, którymi zostały firmy oferujące szeroką gamę rozwiązań Security – Sevenet i Trecom.

    Dla uczestników naszych konferencji – specjalny rabat 10% na udział w Cisco Secure! Podczas rejestracji w polu „kod rabatowy” wystarczy wpisać hasło proidea.

    Data: 22-23 listopada 2012
    Miejsce: Hotel Westin, Warszawa

    Ważne linki:

  • Strona www konferencji:
  • Agenda konferencji:
  • Rejestracja uczestników:
  • To konferencja, której nie można przegapić! Do zobaczenia już w drugiej połowie listopada w Warszawie!

    With hacking from Russia: ZeroNights 2012

    Zero Nights 2012

    Have you been thinking of visiting Russia? Here comes the event which you cannot miss!

    ZeroNights is an international conference dedicated to the technical side of information security. The mission of the conference is to disseminate information about new attack methods, threats and defense tools. Another purpose is to create a communication venue for skilled professionals in the field of information security.

    ZeroNights 2012 is brought to you by ERPScan and Software People. The event will be held in Moscow, Russia, on November 19 and 20, 2012.

    This is the conference for technical specialists, administrators, ISOs and CISOs, pen-testers, programmers and everyone who is interested in the practical aspects of the field.

    Our event is a unique, unmatched happening in the world of security in Russia. Guests from all over the world, technical hacking papers and workshops – no milk-and-water, no commercials, just technology, working methods, attacks and forensics!

    Best papers from the experts all over the world

    Interesting technical speeches will be given by the planet’s best speakers. Only hot research, actual problems and real attacks. A paper like those is what shows you that anything you might buy or use is vulnerable in one way or the other. A paper like those can help you evaluate the real security level of a system, a technology, a protocol etc. ZeroNights is the place to learn how hackers work, how malware and exploits work.

    Workshops by the world-class professionals

    This year, we have prepared unique workshops for you. Where else do they show you how to write exploits, to bypass the defense of OS and browsers, to find vulnerabilities in web projects? Practical knowledge fortified by theory is priceless.

    Best place for communication

    Professional from all over the country will attend the conference. It supports the communication format which allows people to meet in an informal setting and discuss the contemporary security problems.

    Interesting contests

    Various contests will be conducted at the conference which will let anyone show their talents.

    Information about the agenda can be found at

    The organizers can assist the guests of Russian Federation in procurement of visas should you need help. We are also pleased to tell you that Bear Hostels offer a 10-percent discount to ZeroNights attendees. So Moscow welcomes you wherever you come from!

    The 2nd edition of EuroNOG!

    EuroNOG Registration

    This late summer we would like to invite you to Budapest (Hungary) for the 2nd edition of EuroNOG conference! This is the great opportunity to:

    • listen to interesting topics in the field of IPv6, Cloud Computing, Security etc.,
    • share the knowledge, exchange experience and meet the people with similar interests,
    • meet the network administrators, employees responsible for construction, maintenance, effectiveness and development of ICT networks as well as those who make the decisions of implementing new network solutions,
    • visit one of the most beautiful European capitals!

    The conference is a part of Europen Network Operators’ Group initiative that was started to enable effective cooperation between telecommunication and ICT companies in Middle and East Europe. The participation of almost 200 people in the first EuroNOG Meeting in September 2011 and their suggestions to organize the following edition, shows that EuroNOG meets the expectations of the market and that it has created an important meeting point for those working in the network industry. For the first edition of the conference, EuroNOG Committee has invited several foreign guests, who shared their knowledge and experience. We should especially mention Ivan Pepelnjak, Jan Zorz, Greg Ferro, Pierre Francois, Peter-Paul Engelen, Mats Lindmark and Jan Daan Luycks.

    EuroNOG is much more than just a conference – find out on 10-11th of September 2012!

    Important links:

    • Link – EuroNOG webpage
    • Link – EuroNOG registration
    • Link – information about the Call for Papers
    • Link – information about Call for Sponsors

    Please remember about #EuroNOG hashtag active on Twitter. The conference can also be found on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Goldenline

    If you have any questions about the conference please contact: emilia.staszczak{@}

    Discount code for attendees registering via CONFidence: confidence_15

    That code grants 15% discount on registration fee.

    The first reports of participants

    The CONFidence 2012 conference has finished, we would like to sincerely thank all the attendees, speakers and everyone involved for joining us at this year’s edition. We will make every effort to ensure that the next edition will be even better! Below you can find reviews of people who were in the eye of the storm at the conference and shared their experiences on their blogs! We hope that even if you had missed this edition, you will get a touch of what happened here. We will keep publishing next articles soon, so stay with us! Remember you can follows us on Facebook/Twitter.

  • LINK – invaluable report from the point of view of both a speaker and a participant,
  • LINK – not just a bit about CONFidence 2012, but also a few sentences about our cooperating conference BerlinSides,
  • LINK – short, concise, and of course about us, we keep You at your word that we will see next year ;)
  • After CONFidence

    The CONFidence 2012 has finished but the conference schedule for May continues, we have just visited BerlinSides in Germany, and right now there is a Positive Hack Days conference in Moscow.

    We have just published the presentations from the conference so check out the subpage: /Materials


    We have also added the pictures from the conference in the /pictures tab.

    Shuttle bus departures schedule, May, 24th

    Trips: Conference Venue – Sheraton Hotel parking:

    First bus will departe at 15.30, the following buses will be departing in 30-45 minute intervals.