Confidence - (23-24.05 2012 Krakow)
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Speaker Title PDF Video
John “Captain Crunch” Draper History of hacking PDF MP4
Gaweł Mikołajczyk Holistic identity-based networking approach – an irreducible dichotomy between reality and expectations PDF MP4
Keith Howell, Babak Javadi Alarmed About Your Alarm System Yet? MP4
Tomasz Sawiak Security monitoring use cases MP4
Mario Heiderich Got your Nose! How to Steal Your Precious Data Without Using Scripts PDF MP4
Gareth Hayes Non-alphanumeric JavaScript/PHP and Shared Fuzzing PDF
Abraham Aranguren Legal and efficient Web app testing without permission PDF
Pavol Luptak Cryptoanarchy – decentralization begins
Gregor Kopf , Bernhard Brehm Deniability in messaging protocols PDF
Gaweł Mikołajczyk IPv6 insecurities at First Hop PDF
Juraj Somorovsky All your clouds are belongs to us – security analysis of cloud management interfaces
Andreas Bogk Herding RATs
Alexander Minozhenko How to hack VMware vCenter server in 60 seconds PDF
Luiz Eduardo Introduction to Mobile Snitch PDF
Dmitriy ‘D1g1’ Evdokimov Light and Dark side of Code Instrumentation PDF
Zane Lackey Security at scale: Web application security in a continuous deployment environment PDF
Andreas Bogk How to pentest without blowing yourself up
Krzysztof Kotowicz Something wicked this way comes PDF
Andrew Petukhov , Karim Valiev You won’t believe that blind can see: benchmarking SQL injection scanners PDF
Alan Kakareka Insight into Russian black market PDF
Sandy ‘mouse’ Clark Look for Cleartext: Practical Insecurity in Encrypted Radio PDF
Filip Palian , Mateusz Kocielski Simplest Ownage Human Observed… Routers PDF
Artur Sidorko , Industrial control systems security architecture
Magdalena Kurnik Discussion Panel – EN – Hackers: Beyond the Edge PDF
Brad Haines Hacker + Airplanes = No good can come of this PDF
Raoul Chiesa Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s *Your* Cyber Army! PDF

Discussion Panels


Speaker Title PDF Video
Mario Heiderich Discussion Panel – Secure WebApp – is it possible? (EN) MP4

Lightning Talks


Speaker Title PDF Video
Marek Majkowski What’s new in nmap, p0f and a few words on SSL fingerprinting – TOR users, beware!
Tomasz Bukowski Krótka historia zeusa p2p (PL) PDF
Tomasz Sawiak Analiza struktury loginów i haseł zebranych z ataków na honeynet SSH
Łukasz Taczuk $ Wake up, Neo… Przejmowanie terminali linuksowych za pomocą ptrace PDF
Karol Celińsk, Sergiusz Bazański Pierwszy polski hackerspace – już jest PDF
Rafał Hencel ISSA PDF