Confidence - (23-24.05 2012 Krakow)
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Beyond Security

Beyond Security’s automated security testing technologies discover and report security weaknesses in corporate networks, web applications and software. We help businesses and governments automate the assessment and management of their security status thus securing them against data loss, meeting security policy requirements and exceeding industry security standards with a fraction of the normal manpower investment.

AVDS (Automated Vulnerability Detection System) is a as a network appliance or hosted solution that delivers layer 3-7 and web application testing with the lowest false positives rate in the industry. AVDS will find the security holes in your network and provide actionable remediation recommendations.

beSTORM is an enterprise strength black-box testing tool that performs comprehensive software security analysis and discovers vulnerabilities during software development and after release. beSTORM tests all major protocols and ‘auto learns’ new protocols on the fly. Highlights: Automated binary and textual analysis, advanced debugging and stack tracing.


The most reliable and up to date source of information about the use of information technologies in enterprises, suppliers of IT solutions and business services, as well as management and economic trends.

COMPUTERWORLD IS INTENDED FOR THOSE DECIDING ON STRATEGIES AND IT INVESTMENTS in companies, banks, offices, institutions and other organizations. It provides comprehensive, accurate and current knowledge about the IT solutions offered by the Polish and world market for IT solutions and delivers complete information about their constituent services, software and hardware.

Particular attention is paid to showing positive examples of applications of computer technology in specific places in Poland. Reports and descriptions of applications supplement information about the business use of information technology: investment efficiency, reorganization of company structures, project management, building competitive advantage of companies.


DSecRG is a non commercial research center of ERPScan and Digital Security companies and the most well-known Russian security research group. The main mission of DSecRG is to conduct researches of business critical systems such as ERP, CRM, SRM, BI, SCADA, banking software and others. The result of this work is then integrates in ERPScan Security Scanner for SAP. Being on the top edge of ERP and SAP security DSecRG research helps to improve a quality of ERPSCAN consulting services and protects you from the latest threads.

Bezpieczna Cyberprzestrzeń
Dziennik Internauty
e-biznes to najstarszy i najdłużej działający polski serwis poświęcony prowadzeniu biznesu w internecie. umożliwia zdobywanie i wymianę informacji, wiedzy i doświadczeń, a także pozwala nawiązywać kontakty biznesowe. Każdego dnia użytkownicy serwisu otrzymują najświeższe wiadomości z obszarów Internetu i e-biznesu. udostępnia swoje materiały wielu innym, uznanym serwisom internetowym, takim jak, czy Panorama Biznesu. Firma współpracuje również z licznymi firmami internetowymi takimi, jak,, Nowoczesna Firma, SARE czy Dialogix .

Serwis patronuje wielu ważnym konferencjom i seminariom poświęconym rozwiązaniom informatycznym dla firm z branży IT.

Ethical Hacking
eGospodarka is a portal dedicated to small and medium companies. We show practical business, economy and Internet news every day. We give our users a lot of tools to work using Internet.

Our users are especially interested in tools like free tenders base, economy and finance comments, free drafts of documents and forms, advices of labour law, taxes and accounting, rate of exchange, IT news, job offers from Poland and foreign countries, and the newest reports and prognosis. There are also comparative and searching tools and calculators in portal.

We are one of the most popular Polish business portals. According Megapanel PBI/Gemius research, there is above 1,1 million users a month in We are known among individual Internet users and business environment. The pack of Instytut Monitorowania Mediów includes our portal and we are placed on the list of the most respect economy portals. We take over media patronages a lot of prestige business courses, conferences and congresses.

Our users are especially interested in tools like free tenders base, economy and finance comments, free drafts of documents and forms, advices of labour law, taxes and accounting, rate of exchange, IT news, job offers from Poland and foreign countries, and the newest reports and prognosis. There are also comparative and searching tools and calculators in portal.

We are one of the most popular Polish business portals. According Megapanel PBI/Gemius research, there is above 1,5 million unique users a month in We are known among individual Internet users and business environment. The pack of Instytut Monitorowania Mediów includes our portal and we are placed on the list of the most respect economy portals. We take over media patronages a lot of prestige business courses, conferences and congresses.

Evil Fingers
Global Security Mag
hackpl – is the biggest Polish information security portal. It has a group of young, creative people focusing largest class of referred and certified specialists in safety. HACKPL is a modern, fully professional information platform. HACKPL not only describes and reports but also as one of the few sites in Poland builds new IT security solutions.

Hacking to serwis informacyjny, obecny w sieci od 2000 roku, poświęcony różnym aspektom bezpieczeństwa informatycznego oraz nowoczesnym technologiom. Współpracujemy z wieloma specjalistami w dziedzinie zabezpieczeń komputerowych z Polski i ze świata.


InfoProf provides consulting services in the fields of data security management, data processing and presentation. We ensure business-level safety for your data, and provide solutions for processing that data in accord with current law – especially when it comes to in-depth protection of personal data.

CRM solutions and custom-made database systems allow for processed data to safely and timely reach its destination. When it comes to data presentation and publishing, we use our custom-crafted solutions which allow for the most vital data to be presented on a webpage in a clear, accessible manner.


LOCOS – IT Security and Audit – it’s a web service for everyone who is interested in IT Security, IT audit and control, IT Governance and also protection of personal data according to polish law. We invite IT Specialists, Auditors, Security Officers and any others who are interested how to protect your systems.

Mobile Developer

Twórcami są developerzy, więc doskonale wiedzą jak ważna jest możliwość dzielenia się swoimi doświadczeniami i wspólnej pracy połączonej z dobrą zabawą. Brak miejsca, które skupiałoby developerów zmobilizował do stworzenia – społeczności, która przyciągnie wszystkie osoby związane ze światem technologii mobilnych. zajmuje się organizacją eventów, barcampów i konferencji w całej Polsce. Zapraszani są najlepsi speakerzy, którzy dzielą się swoją wiedzą na tematy związane z mobile developmentem. Wszystko to po angielsku, dostępne na kanale YouTube. Ekipa jest wszędzie, aby zdawać relację z każdego wydarzenia, w którym bierze udział i dzieląc się najciekawszymi materiałami. ma na koncie szereg udanych imprez, na czele z Appspiriną i Cracow.Mobi, które przyciągnęły łącznie 350 uczestników. W tym roku zorganizowali już 4 barcampy – w Poznaniu, Warszawie i Gdańsku. Kolejne już wkrótce.

Cel to stworzyć silną społeczność mobile developerów.


NF.sec (Network Access Security Files are reserved) – is a project that deals with fundamental aspects of security and mechanisms for the Linux operating system. The aim of NF.sec is to quickly help with learning of the built-in security mechanisms of the operating system usage and with installing, and configuring software from outside it. Articles contained on this site are primarily addressed to members interested in administration and already beginning administrators who wish to develop basic policies and security system, which will become one of the key elements of their network server or workstation

Security Kaizen

PenTest Magazine is a weekly downloadable IT security mag, devoted exclusively to penetration testing. It features articles by penetration testing specialists and enthusiasts, experts in vulnerability assessment and management. We cover all aspects of pen testing, from theory to practice, from methodologies and standards to tools and real-life solutions. Each magazine features a cover focus, and articles from our regular contributors, covering IT security news and up-to-date topics.

The magazine is available by paid subscription. It is devoted to the best penetration testing services providers, who will show you the pen testing world from their perspective. It’s an excellent opportunity to observe security trends on the market for the readers, and for companies – to share their invaluable knowledge.

PenTest Magazine features 48 issues in a year – 4 issues in a month. Different title is published every week:

  • PenTest Regular – 1st of every month
  • Auditing & Standards PenTest – 7th of every month
  • PenTest Market – 15th of every month
  • Web App Pentesting – 22nd of every month

Each week there is another leading topic of the issue. Whilst PenTest Regular is devoted to more general and overall topics, three remaining issues focus on certain problem.

Purchasing PenTest Magazine, the only publication devoted exclusively to PenTesting, you get almost 200 pages of content every month.


Positive Hack Days is an international forum on practical information security issues organized by Positive Technologies. Only here the elite of the hackers’ world, representatives of business and authorities, and the Internet community get together to cooperate in addressing the most topical issues of the information security industry. PHDays topics define the vector of development of the industry. The forum’s program includes professional discussions, international students CTF contest, hacking competitions, master classes, and training courses.

PHDays means meetings with the world’s leading experts, live communication, unique reports, knowledge and skills, maximum of practice and minimum of formalities.

SecurityNews is a website about software reverse engineering. You will find here interesting tutorials about advanced analysis of software, examples of so called CrackMe’s (software written specifically for learning cracking/reverse engineering skills), descriptions of hardware keys (dongles), latest news from IT security world, information about new tools, as well as job offers directly related with software analysis and reverse engineering.

Security Exploded

SecurityXploded is a popular Infosec Research and Development portal delivering the latest information in various areas of security such as Anti-Spyware, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, Password Recovery, Network security, Forensics etc. So far it has published 50+ research articles and 75+ FREE security softwares. Most of these softwares have been listed and received top awards from leading download sites including Softpedia, BrotherSoft, CNet Download etc.


Securitymag magazine provides online visitors the exact information they need to stay up to date with the latest IT Security news and solutions and to learn what they can find on Securitymag’s pages. Our website is to help IT Security experts find out what new techniques and tools the hackers and crackers use and what we have prepared for you in the current issue.

Securitymag provides advertisers with the opportunity to reach buyers and potential users of their products and services. We connect advertisers with IT officers and technicians in order to put the right products and solutions in the right place.

  • SIIS
  • virusbtn

    Security Summit is the annual event about IT systems, networks and information security that takes place in Italy (Milan, in March – Rome, in June – Verona, in October). Its program includes free vendor-independent talks, presentations and keynote addresses, delivered by internationally known speakers. The innovative format of the Summit joins highly focused meetings and training activities dedicated to technical, legal and security management issues.During its last edition, Security Summit registered a total attendance of 950 people, made up of business and services, Public Administrations and Utilities and ICT security specialised vendors.


    Virus Bulletin has a formidable reputation as the leading specialist publication on computer malware and spam. Each issue contains news and opinions from the anti-malware and anti-spam community, analyses of the latest threats and comparative product reviews featuring the unique VB100 and VBSpam award schemes. VB2012, the 22nd Virus Bulletin International Conference, will take place 26-28 September 2012 at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel, Dallas, TX, USA 5-7 October 2011 at the Hesperia Tower hotel, Barcelona, Spain. The 3 day conference provides a focus for the anti-malware industry, representing an opportunity for experts in the field to share research interests, discuss methods and technologies, and set new standards.


    The new Vulnerability Lab is now live! We are certainly excited about this project and have much to work toward. The Vulnerability-Lab works very hard in bringing Europe and the world a great amount of information regarding vulnerabilities and urgent security advisories. If you are a vendor, Vulnerability-Labs can be an extremely valuable resource for information in detail about the current state of security for your software.

    Vulnerability-Lab is a research team that finds vulnerabilities, security holes, and bad security practices in software and applications, bringing this information to one site where vendors may be notified in a professional and timely manner. The Vulnerability-Lab is comprised currently of eleven members who range from experts in the field of Information Security to managers of information and site content. All of these members, however, are greatly interested in security and is their primary concern. The research team releases, on average, 25-40 vulnerabilities a month, ranging from important to critical. The process of releasing vulnerabilities and advisories is always generally followed in a professional manner. Sensitive Information is censored and any contribution from third parties that may include or seem to encourage malicious or stolen content, or personal/group agendas is strictly forbidden. More information about this can be found in the FAQ.

    webhosting is the first web portal on Polish market dedicated to wide range of topics, including hosting, WWW and web services. Its main goal is to provide useful and essential knowledge to the people interested in building efficient web applications and hosting structures. portal quickly became an extremely important source of news and market trends – it is also a place where webmasters, hosting admin and e-commerce marketers can find lots of advices helping them in everyday issues.


    The Hacker magazine is the biggest and the only Russian computer magazine covering IT security topics. Month circulation is more then 100k copies. The Hacker magazine has collaboration with most famous and talanted Russian security analysts: for example CONFidence speakers Aleksei Sintsov and Alexander Matrosov are authors of the Hacker magazine.