Confidence - (23-24.05 2012 Krakow)
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John Draper

Bio: John Draper appeared on the publics radar back in 1972. He was arrested for discovering serious security flaws in “Ma Bell”, then a large monopoly on telephone service in the USA. With the use of a blue box, he was able to get trunk level access to the intercity and interstate system just by injecting audio tones into a phone.

This became known because of an article in Esquire called “secrets of the little blue box”.

This security flaw was so serious that it would take more then 8 years to fix the problem, but John idled his time teaching his fellow inmates how to take total control over their system.

Later on, while John was in jail, he wrote a word processor program for the Apple II computer until IBM started to sneak around and discovered his Easywriter program was the top seller just below Visicalc and challenged him to port Easywriter to the new (as yet unannounced) IBMPC. This same challenge was also offered to Bill Gates of Microsoft, but John beat bill to the punch and secured the coveted contract with IBM.

Within 30 minutes of actually getting his hands on the IBM PC, he had FORTH running on the PC, the language he used to write Easywriter.

John went on to work for Autodesk in the coveted “future group” developing 3D manipulation programs using Jarron Lanier’s data glove.

Topic of Presentation: History of hacking

Language: English

The presentation will conver such topics as:

  • University mainframes
    • PDP-10
    • Ultrix
    • First viruses
    • Definition of “hacking”
  • Phone Phreaking (hacking)
    • First blue box
    • ATT network of the past
      • 2600 hz out pulsing
      • Multi-frequencies
    • Blind phone phreaks
      • Joe Engressia
      • Dennie
      • Cap’n crunch whistle discovered
      • First encounter
      • How I got the name
  • Modern day hacking
    • phishing
    • SQL injection
    • cross site scripting
    • anonymous
      • their hacking techniques
      • their targets
    • whistle blowing Wikileaks
      • alan manning
      • Julian assange
    • current state of hacking.