Confidence - (23-24.05 2012 Krakow)
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Conference venue

MPWIK Krakow


We already know the location of the conference and it will be held in the same location as CONFidence 9. This year we plan to dive into even more underground style. The vast space, brick fort-like buildings, overhead cranes, the old locomotive and other installations create a unique atmosphere ideal for CONFidence conference.

Buildings of historic water pumping station in Bielany belonging to the Cracow water service is a place which fits perfectly into the atmosphere of CONFidence, where in addition to technical lectures will prepare lots of attractions such as games, competitions and BBQ.


The “Bielany” Water Treatment Plant was opened at the beginning of 1901, and it drew underground water from the acquifer located in the area of Bielany and Przegorzały, with an intake comprising a set of 21 drilled wells situated on the left bank of the Wisła river, at the feet of Srebrna Góra hill. The water from the intake was transferred by a siphon to acollection pond located at the plant, andthe steam-powered-piston pumps pumped it onwards to the primary reservoir on Saint Bronisława’s Mount, from where it flowed gravitationally towards thecity.

After a dozen or so years of use, the growing water demand, exceeding the productive capacity of the acquifer, resulted in a decision to reconstruct the intake and the adaptation of the plant fortheneeds of production of so-called “artificial” ground water.

Due to the deteriorating state of the quality of the water in the Wisła river, in 1932 the first chemical laboratory was opened at the plant to analyse samples of the drawn water, and a year later a bacteriological laboratory and a water chlorination station came into operation.

Today, a hundred years after its inception, the waterworks in Bielany is still supplying water to the inhabitants of Kraków. For over fifty years it constituted the only source of water supply for the city, and later it remained one of the main water suppliers. Despite its relatively small production capacity, at present approximately 24 thousand cubic metres/day, it is still an important component of the water-supply chain, functioning as an emergency source of supply should one of the main intakes need to be temporarily disconnected. It is, at the same time, a working example of old engineering technology and of the changes which have occurred over the past century the “Bielany” Water Treatment Plant is the only waterworks plant in Kraków where the history of technology is so strongly intertwined with the present. Considering its historical character, and also the importance of the functions it has performed, the coming years will see a thorough modernisation of the plant. Apart from the restoration to full technical working efficiency of installations, which have become worn out with many years of use, also the introduction of modern water treatment processes is planned.

Additional information about the venue can be found here.


Krakow, Księcia Józefa 299 street.

Travel to the conference venue

You can travel to the conference venue by means of public transport.

  • Bus lines 209, 229, 239, 249, 259, 269 from Salwator bus stop to Wodociągi bus stop (request stop)
  • Bus lines 109, 279, 289 from Cracovia bus stop to Wodociągi bus stop (request stop)


All facilities used during the conference are at zero level and therefore are available for people using wheelchairs. The main conference hall is equipped with a platform (in one the part of the room), to which access is only by stairs. For people in wheelchairs there will be a special zone with additional space in the main hall.


ZUW Bielany ZUW Bielany
ZUW Bielany ZUW Bielany