Confidence - (23-24.05 2012 Krakow)
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x-traction point

From Krakow with Kisses

x-traction point is a series of live-action competitions unlike any other game in the world. Attendees, referred to as “agents”, are pitted against an evil mega-corporation bent on global data domination, and must use real-world exploits and covert techniques to defeat their adversary and rescue their compatriot.

While other games and events have incorporated similar themes in the past, x-traction point is the first game of its kind, combining practical exploits and techniques with genuine targets, as they would be found and configured in the field.

Potential agents will be trained and tested in the use of stealth, lockpicking, escape artistry, marksmanship, electronic countermeasures, cyber-warfare, and hostage rescue. Agents scoring in the top tiers of the practice and training rounds will be allowed to engage the adversary in the ultimate demonstration of skill and prowess by infiltrating an actual cold-war bunker fitted with commercial alarm systems, security cameras, locked rooms, and patrol guards.

Agents will be monitored scored on every aspect of their execution, and the highly dynamic and open-ended design of the competition means that no two runs will ever be the same.

In order to increase participation and provide for a more positive experience for both attendees and vendors, the game will be tightly integrated into the hosting conference and its sponsors. Videos and “incoming intelligence” played between talks will provide potential agents with knowledge and motivation to participate in each stage, and the final engagements taking place within the bunker will be live- streamed to the main conference hall, allowing non-competing attendees to experience the infiltration from the point of view of a support team.

x-traction point is supremely unique in that every conference attendee will feel like they are part of the game, even when they are not actively competing. This highly immersive experience will provide each attendee with a truly memorable experience.

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